About McIreland Landscaping

Josh and Deb met while attending The Ohio State University in Accounting.  Deb was studying at the Fisher College of Business and Josh was studying Landscape Design and Horticulture.

If we could give advice to a customer before starting a project, we’d say don’t JUST build a patio or JUST plant a tree. Think about how the things you do in your yard affect how you live. Through years of experience, Josh has learned the importance of both the build and the livability qualities behind outdoor spaces. Josh has the ability to “see” the completion of a project even before it’s begun to allow the customer to fully understand the impact of a design.

From day one, we’ve stayed true to our vision and our values. We’re committed to quality, focused on honesty and driven by an endless passion for our work. Everyone on our staff shares that vision and cares about how your property looks. That’s why our long-standing customers have come to expect our reliability, our attention to detail and the freedom that comes from knowing their outdoor space is in the care of experienced professionals.